Client Management

    Simplify client management with electronic medical records. Our software insures consistent demographics for each client as well as insurance and emergency contact information. Clients under 18 automatically trigger additional data fields. Client information can automatically integrates with contacts.


Assessment Tracking

    Create and track client assessments using DSM IV codes today and DSM 5 when you are ready to migrate. Assessments include a statement of need as well as a presenting problem. Follow up assessments can be scheduled and the reminder will show up in the dashboard. Since the software is designed for mental health providers, session notes are able to reference information from the assessment to simplify client tracking and progress.


Treatment Planning

    Establish a treatment plan with goals for the client and use our software to track progress. Treatment plans can include up to two symptoms, each symptom will support two long term goals and each goal is supported by up to four objects. Key information from the treatment plan is available when creating a session note. This saves time and ensures that sessions are staying on track. Dates for goals are tracked and displayed in the dashboards.


Session Management

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Document and track client sessions with our Session Management feature. Each session note can include start and end times, payment information as well as access the DSM codes from the assessment and objectives from the treatment plan.


Treatement Framework

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The Treatment Framework helps ensure consistent treatments and goals for clients. Goals and objectives can be established for conditions and are available with a simple drop down box rather than laboriously retyping the same information each time. The information can easily be customized or added to as well.


Office 365 feature

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Each user can install Office on five devices and work across devices. Files are always up to date and you can work with others on the same document. Sharing files inside and outside your organization, even large and confidential files, is simple. Use the online meetings with HD video and screen sharing from anywhere.


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    avatarWith this EMR software we can complete our paperwork in less than half the time of the paper system.

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    avatarThe shared calendar has really helped improved communication with our staff.

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